Learn more about EEMs.

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Almost anyone who has satisfactory credit, enough cash to close the loan, and sufficient steady income to make monthly mortgage payments can be approved for a FHA-insured EEM loan. There is no upper age limit and no certain income level required. The following types of properties are eligible under the EEM program:

• New construction
• Existing one- to four-unit single-family residences:
      • Detached houses
      • Townhouses
      • Condominiums (certain restrictions apply)


Energy improvements that are available under an EEM loan:

  • Appliances: Stoves and dishwashers
  • Windows and doors
  • Furnaces, Air conditioners, and Heat Pumps
  • Insulation: attics, walls, floors, and crawlspaces
  • Water heaters
  • Air infiltration sealing
  • Air duct sealing
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Fixing or replacing a chimney
  • Installing active and passive solar technologies
  • Installing a programmable thermostat
  • Installing energy monitors
  • And more!!!